Joe Sprunt is a guitar player born in Virginia and raised in Ohio. He is a hard working rock guitar player with a style heavily rooted in the blues. He is a Berklee College of Music graduate with a major in Guitar Performance and minor in History. 
Joe Sprunt’s musical interest started with the violin at the age of 4.  While he played violin through High School, he picked up the electric guitar when he was 11 and essentially never put it down.   While many of his school friends pursued sports, Joe played music.  His interest in guitar piqued after he attended Summer Guitar Sessions at  Berklee, where Joe was awarded a semester long, online scholarship.  Joe opted to take a course taught by Steve Vai and his interface with this musician and BCM course worked to fuel his passion for guitar. Joe Sprunt has a passion for music, the tenacity of practice and  is proving that the sound of rock music is still moving into exciting new territory.

Joe has worked to craft his sound into a recognizable signature, citing inspirations such as Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, and Robben Ford.  A self described “fiend for tone,” there are no lengths Joe won’t go to in order to achieve a beautiful guitar sound. Joe endorses Knaggs Guitars and FU-Tone Upgrades. Whether he’s working in the studio as a hired gun, playing a high profile gig, or wailing away at the local Blues Night, Joe Sprunt will undoubtedly entice you with refreshing and exciting rock guitar sounds.